paces to ride in Colorado and Moab

I am still on this road trip and I will be leaving sunday for colorado around the teluride area and will be looking for places to ride or someone to ride with? I will then be heading over to Canyon lands and Moab for the rest of the week and could use some local knoweledge and riding partners. PS. when I have more time I will fillin with some details of the awesome rides and country side I have been able to enjoy!

Can't join you as I'm getting ready for elk season next weekend. The Telluride area doesn't have a ton of single track but there are lots of 4X4 roads that will take you to some breath taking scenery. Pick up a 4 wheel drive map of the area and go sight seeing if you can't find someone to guide ya. Have fun.

Thanks Rex I will give that a try. I have kinda ben doing the same thing here in New Mexico and have found some great fire roads that are all covered in grass and are like rideing on a golf course thrue aspen groves, what a change from so cal.

I have not ridden down near Telluride so I can't be of much help in that area.

Every year we go to Moab and Green River. I'd ride Poison Spider Mesa and Golden Spike in Moab because it's a blast. All sheets of rock with steps and drop offs. I'd stay off Slick Rock trail unless you're just dying to ride it.

If you head West on I-70 after Moab, hit the San Rafael Swell area and ride Devils Racetrack and Swayze Cabin area. They are a blast and you can really move on some of the trails. We did have a odd experience there last spring as a guy jumped off the bridge from I-70 and fell about 250+ feet and landed right on the trail. First time anything like that has happened.

Have fun!

John :)

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