Yz450f smoothout power?

Guys i just picked up a stock 06 yz450f, im coming from a DRZ400, yoshti pipe and hotcams on it. my question is how do i smooth out the power like a drzs linear power. the drz is alot easier to ride fast on. the yz i know has much more hp about 6 more than my drz. will a heavier flywheel help or dropping the needle down in the carb or larger front sprocket. any suggestions.

Adding 9 oz to the flywheel helps a lot.

Seat time will cure this. One ride on the KX450 and you will love your YZ, they are the smoothest 450 out there.

A flywheel will help, and higher gearing will help, but in the end, bboyce is right; you will adapt.

Jetting it wrong by dropping or raising the needle when it's not called for will just make it run bad.

WR exhaust cam might be another alternative, but why?

The more you ride it the more you will like it.

Seriously, the bike may be snappier and more aggressive than a DRZ, but compared with other 450's, and earlier YZF's in particular, the engine pulls much more smoothly and more like an old school thumper than you may realize right now. The uncanny thing is that even though it isn't as explosive at 4000 as an '03, it pulls much better at 3000, and with less tendency to stall. But then it continues in a very linear manner way past the point where any old school thumper could reach, and then beyond even what the '03 is capable of in a nearly straight line. No spikes or hits, just electric motor kind of dial it up or down power anytime you want it.

Thanks guys, I think yamaha has a 9oz or 13oz flywheel, for 100$ i give it a try, im just not used to that hp, My drz is fast ive got the 440bb,hotcams,eric gorr ported head and yoshTI pipe. I thought that thing was fast. I guess its a combo of 6-8 more hp and 80lbs lighter makes the big difference.

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