Where to buy New Engine?

a complete engine can be had thru Yamaha Corp SA,you'll need a dealer # and a translator. i think its in ecuador or one of those south american countries i tried awhile back but could not bridge the communication gap;but i did get as far as its possible with a US dealer # and everything must be run through the dealer;never did figure out how much$:banghead:

630 bucks??? !!!! Ouch... I think I would be better off buying a used one on ebay. What year models of cylinder heads will fit the 07 motor?
'06/'07 are the same, and the '08 will fit.

dam.. you had my hopes up there for a minute.. i might need a set of crankcases if i cant get mine welded.. was hoping to score these from your buddie's motor. :banghead:

Go to your nearest CYCLE SALVAGE and have them put it on their hot line...

Lots of salvaged bikes in the U.S. there has to be an engine out there for you to buy.....

thanks for all the good help guys I got a used cylinder head on ebay from on 06. (thanks for info grayracer).

that sucks man, i dont no if your going to find a new one on ebay but maybe a used bottem end and head..

i ALSO put a zipty on my kickstarter to the frame when there is no oil in my bike just so nobody trys to start it or even me if i forget..

i wish it were closer to a thou.. tough pill to swallow for $1500.

i stripped my engine down, welded my cases where they cracked (clutch push lever assembly housing), put in a new bearing and oil seal and red permatexed it really good.

i put everything back together and have since started it up a few times.. so far, no oil leakage.. saturday i'll see if i can get a full day of motoing out of it. i'll be really happy then.

update: repairs are holding strong, i have no oil leak coming from the clutch arm. i do see a small pool form every once in a while, but we're talking a few drops worth of pooling, not enough to even overflow and drip down the sides of the case.

for those of you weary of getting cases welded, here's a vote of confidence for you. so far, so good. it's been a little over 3 months now.



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