WR400/426/450 Modification Database

wr 450f 2008 hi guys,

any timing mods like previous models?

Model/Year:2004 WR450F..Canadian Model

Engine: All free mods

Carb: Jetted properly

Exhaust: Stock

Fluids: Stock

Suspension: Front..lowered triple trees max amount Rear: Stock

Chassis:Yamalink lowering link ..dropped bike 1.75 inches

Protection: Utah skid plate, Flatland radiator guards, Endro engineering Bark Busters

Tires/Wheels: Front: Pirelli Scorpion Rear: Maxxis IT

Driveline: Standard

Electrical: Mostly standard, new reg/rect...added pneumatic rear brake light switch

Miscellaneous:Street legal,

Cosmetic: Lots of scrathches, worn frame paint, stressed plastic and scuffed engine covers Acerbis 2x35 watt front headlight..goffy looking thing (from previous owner)

Comments: Love it!!!!!!!!

Model/Year: 2007 WR450

Engine: No-AIS, Twin air filter, opened up air-box, stock engine, Rekluse Z start pro, LHRB w/ 2finger clutch lever

Carb: jetted for free mods

Exhaust:First baffle removed.

Fluids: Valvoline Racing Syn 10-30 or 20-50w

Suspension: Stock

Chassis: Stock

Protection: Barkbusters, Ricochet skid plate, Devol Radiator gaurds, Works Connection radiator braces.

Tires/Wheels: RAD Cush rear hub + heavy duty spokes, Tubliss F/R, MX51 F or D606, MT43 R or Desert IT

Driveline: Supersprox 16/48

Electrical: trailtech 100w stator + regulator / rectal frier, Tusk dual sport kit, heated grips, ADVMonster 3500lumen M60 LED, HID headlight, integrelated GPS + phone + gopro chargers, GPS mou

nt, 12V acc plug, Shorai Lithium battery

Cosmetic: MSR dual sport mirrors on bark busters

Miscellaneous: Dirtbikegear.com small and large fender bags containing:

3.25×21 tube

Tire plug kit

12v Slime air compressor

Cruzer multi tool (sockets, etc)

mini wrenches

crescent wrench

elec tape

zip ties

allen set

small soap bottle

other random tools

tire irons in air box

Comments: WA state license plate

Model/Year: 2009 WR450 Plated

Engine: AIS removed, UNI air filter, snorkle in air-box removed, YZF Throttle Stop Screw,, Grey Wire snipped, stock engine, fuel filter

Carb: 168 MJ, 45 PJ, 45 LJ, rest of jets are stock,JD Red 4th clip, Merge Racing AP Spring Elevation 0-2000 ft absolutely no bog or hesitation.

Fuel: 93 Ethenol Free

Exhaust:2008 Full YZ450F (shorty) exhaust w/PMB Spark Arrestor End Cap w/o Silent Insert.

Fluids: Shell Rotella every 15 hours

Gearing: 13/50 works everywhere for me, the free flowing engine with YZF Exhaust, well jetted, Merge Ap Spring pulls 13/50 great.

Suspension: Bel Ray 5wt at 124mm, clickers and Sag move around depending where I'm at.

Chassis: Forks flush top clamp, 105 mm race sag .48kg Fork springs, 6.0 Shock Spring, Shorai battery, Guts Tall-Med Seat, Fastway pegs (the spikey ones), TM Designs Chain Slider/Guide, NO Stabilizer and NO Auto Crutch.

Protection: Moose Contour Handguards,, Moose Pro skid plate, Flatlands Radiator gaurds,

Tires/Wheels: Pirelli XC Mid Soft Front MT 16 rear on Silver Excels and Maxxis SI or Michelin S12 for Enduro on Black Excels

Bike runs awesome, very responsive and clean. YZF Exhaust is loud, but I like the power delivery. In about a month I will be installing revalved KYB SSS forks w/.50kg Fork springs, YZF Triple clamps, front hub, axle and spacers. I will also have my 2nd wheel set for just IT Terrain for Mtn and Dual Sport riding.

I think it might be a good idea to put rider weight in the listings because it would be helpful for the suspension aspect. Suspension mods are done with rider weight in mind, so someone looking to tune their suspension would have a better idea of what mods to do if they knew how much a rider weighed & the mods they did.

Model/Year: 2005 WR450

Engine: AIS Kit, Twin Air Filter, K&N Oil Filter

Carb: Free Mods comepleted: Throttle Stop, Gray Wire, & ACV

Exhaust: Pro Circuit TI-4

Fluids: Maxima Coolanol(w/ water wetter) and engine oil, 7.5# Amsoil Shock Therapy

Suspension: Stock or as set up by previous owner

Chassis: Tag bars and top clamp, Scotts steering damper

Protection: Acerbis Rally Pro Handguards

Tires/Wheels: OEM Wheels w/ Kenda Millville front, Maxxis rear

Driveline: Stock

Electrical: Stock with gray wire mod

Cosmetic: A few scatches and stickers

Miscellaneous: IMS Desert Tank

Comments: Need to tune the suspension.

Rider Weight: 170 w/o gear.

Model/Year: 2000 yz 426

Engine: hot cams exhaust can, k&n filter, the rest is stock

Carb: hand adjustable air screw, that's it

Exhaust: dr. D pipe

Fluids: engine ice

Suspension: n/a

Chassis: (Bars, Grips, Triple Clamps, Levers, Pegs, Brakes, Lines, Modifications, etc.)

Protection: (Skid Plate, Bark Busters, Pipe Guard, Caliper/Rotor Guards, etc.) Han guards an devol rad guards

Tires/Wheels: (Rims, Spokes, Hubs, Tubes, Axles, etc.) stock

Driveline: stock

Electrical: (GPS, Computers, Dual-Sport Kits, etc.)

Cosmetic: (Graphics, Plastic, Seat Covers, etc.) black and white



Model/Year: 2002 yz 426

Engine: (Cams, plugs, Filters, AIS kit, etc.) k&n filter

Carb: (Quickshot, Fuel Screw, Jetting Kit, Modifications, Replacement, etc.) stock- for now

Exhaust: (Can, Header, Mid-pipe, Modifications, etc.) white bros e series

Fluids: (Oil, Coolant, Brake Fluid)

Suspension: (Springs, Fluids, Modifications, Replacements, etc.)

Chassis: (Bars, Grips, Triple Clamps, Levers, Pegs, Brakes, Lines, Modifications, etc.) some kind of aftermarket top triple, super moto front fender

Protection: (Skid Plate, Bark Busters, Pipe Guard, Caliper/Rotor Guards, etc.)

Tires/Wheels: (Rims, Spokes, Hubs, Tubes, Axles, etc.) warp 9 wheels, Michelin pilot powers

Driveline: (Sprockets, Chain) 14/44, standard chain

Electrical: (GPS, Computers, Dual-Sport Kits, etc.) Baja kit an electrical stator, spliced in pigtail for battery charger, trail tech vapor computer.

Cosmetic: (Graphics, Plastic, Seat Covers, etc.) working on the graphics



I know its not a wr but close enough.

Model/Year: 2000 yz426

Engine: Ported Head, Hot cams, Kibble white valves, Wiseco 95mm 12.5:1 piston, rebuilt crank, new cylinder, all new bearings, full hinson clutch. Cracked the cylinder last year running a 13.5:1 JE +2mm 444cc setup.

Carb: Zipty fuel screw, 168 main (?), oring mod, uni dual stage filter

Exhaust: Stock yz exhaust cut down 4 inches off the can (looking for a full system)

Fluids: Prestone coolant, Belray DOT 5.1 silicone brake fluid, Trying a few different oils, rotella, amsoil, belray

Suspension: Stock valving and springs so far, will revalve later. Forks and shock fully rebuilt all wear parts replaced and fluids done with 0 hours right now.

Chassis: Renthals with a riser, Powdercoated wrinkle black frame/subframe/swingarm, Braided Stainless brake lines, billet wide pegs, all bearings replaced, Acerbis plastics + tank, tm design works sliders/guides, ebay oversized rads

Protection: Stock skid plate

Tires/Wheels: Excel stainless spokes, Rims painted with black wheel paint, Hubs smoothed and painted black with duplicolor wheel paint

Driveline: 14/42 steel sprockets, RK 520 chain

Electrical: Stealth Black Trailtech Vapour, Watercraft style tether switch added to bars

Cosmetic: Gripper seat cover with shaved seat foam

Comments: Missing a bunch of small things, I am building a Big Bore Stroker engine using 426 cases, wr trans, wr lighting, 450 +3mm cylinder, ported big valve 450 head, not sure on which stroker crank and cams and piston yet. Also working on fuel injection using microsquirt.


Model/Year: 2011 WR450F

Engine: Stock, no AIS fitted in Oz.

Carb: 45PJ, 168MJ, O ring mod, JD Blue needle, brass idle jet, TwinAir with Belray filter oil.

Exhaust: Stock with GYTR tip

Fluids: BelRay Thumper 10w40

Suspension: Stock, forks raised 3mm 

Chassis: Stock

Protection: Force bashplate, Barkbusters Ego handguards with triple clamp mounts, ghetto style gutter guard rad shields, Acerbis blue chain guide & slider

Tires/Wheels: Bridgestone M404

Driveline: Stock 13/50

Electrical: Shorai lithium battery, removed all of the road registration gear that comes fitted in Oz.

Cosmetic: One Ind sticker kit

Miscellaneous: Clarke 13litre fuel tank

Comments: Awesome bike. I have derestricted it for smoothness and modded it for reliability & range rather than outright power gains. 


Edited by Dakar Dan

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