GPS on a WR

OK....who's done it and what problems have ya'll found ??

You will prolly have more use for GPS over there than we do , but I'm starting to explore, Gob smacked at the rate of battery consumtion, even in battery saver mode ! :)

My best friend mounted his garmin gpsIII to the handle bars of his wr426. Worked great going down the road. Lost satellite when in the woods though so you couldn't really use the "bread crumbs" mode to track your day's ride like we wanted. After a few times out however it finally quit working altogether. It just must be to much vibration and jarring for the electronics in it. It is one of the better GPS out there too. Dust and waterproof too if I recall correctly. It would be nice if they came up with a enduro specific GPS device - with G shock technology for us woodfolk.

I used mine on a 5 day ride, but I put it in my backpack and never had a signal problem. I have ridden with several people that mount them to the handle bars with a Garmin mount (all units are the Garmin 3+) and the only problem I have heard of is a lost ant.

I carry my GPS in a padded little pouch made to carry a GPS or cell phone. The pouch has a belt loop on the back, I always wear a fanny pack so I always have a belt to use. The pouch is just big enough to hold the GPS and spare batteries. It has a zippered top, I have removed/replaced the GPS from the pouch while riding down the road for a quick look.

Just mounted my e-trex this weekend on a RAM mount and it worked great. Not quite a 'tight" fit between the cradle and the GPS, so I will shim it with some strips of innertube glued to the cradle with weatherstripping adhesive. Should be fine then.

my dad mounted his gps 3 on the bars of his husky 410. worked great untill he dumped it in a river.


Vibration will eventually kill any GPS. My Garmin GPS III plus lasted 4 years and almost 8000 miles before I sent it back to Garmin for repair.

The other problem is off road use makes the batteries bounce off the contacts and shut off the unit.

The battery problem can be solved by running an external power cable. Check out the accessory links on this page

Probably the best GPS resouce on the web

There is a US company called Cycoactive that sell Garmin GPS units 'hardened' for vibration survival. The sell mounts too.

I know next to nothing about Magellen GPS hardware but there have been posts saying good things about them.

I have an E-Trex Legend with a Toura-Tech mount. It works great.


A trick for the batteries is to tape the batteries together. This way two of the connections are solid. Also use dialectric grease on all contacts so when the batteries do momentarialy lose contact with the contact on a big impact there wont be any carbon scoring of the surfaces going on. Which is mostly the problem with the batteries dying.

Have you seen a mount like that for the GPS III Plus? I've looked at several sites but couldn't find anything that I felt I could trust.

Bonzai :)

Try here : Cycoactive

They have a mount for the GPS III. I've had first class service from them.

I am using a Vista unit with a Ram mount on my CRF. Had to use a small spring to pull the upper tabs on the mount together-------fits tight now. I used to have big problems with the batteries shaking and loosing contact. Two strips of very thin self adhesive weatherstrip on the inside of the battery lid took care of that.

Definitely get the Roads & Rec CD and computer cable with the unit. That way you can make routes, analyze tracks you have made and share places you've been with others. RR.

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