emig racing steering stem xr650l uds conversion questions

Hey guys I might be familiar with these motors but I would like to know a little about the front end. I just bought the emig stem for the usd conversion. Got the 04 crf450 forks from DA BAY for 245 (looks good) crf axle, calipers, 320mm front disc,spacers fork gaurds and pro taper triples for a crf. I was wondering if I use all the xrl seals and bearrings on this set up. I want to order up new so I dont have to order it after the bike is torn apart. Also the guy at emig said that I will have to buy a xr650r nut for the stem will this stem work fine even though it is made for the 650r heard the thread is different. Thanks guys


Looking forward to this, as I am getting a set of CRF forks next week. Planning on doing the swap over the winter.

I know "jesusgatos" did this swap on his R model, and had a lot of good info, especially specs:


By the way, seems you got a pretty good deal. Especially with the clamps.


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