exhaust plug help!!

I have an 01 wr 426 street legal that I use only to rip around town on, the plug in the exhaust keeps breaking right at the weld that holds the nut on. You can not bye this part alone! It comes with the muffler for about 500 bucks. I had the first one warrantied so now I have two mufflers and two broken plugs. The bike is way too loud without it especialy when riding on the back tire!! Is there anything quiet out there?

Please check your PM.


I have the Pro Circuit T4 with the big end cap (2"?) and it too is way too loud for the street. I have the stock exhaust but it weighs a ton, will probably kill power (the bike runs great other than the crazy noise level), and since it's a 2000 I will have to remove the header to change the filter. I've heard that the quiet core and small endcaps don't quiet the T4 significantly. I've tried making a 1" end cap out of a soup can and copper pipe, which made it a little quieter, but not for long as it quickly spit the sucker right out the pack! I've heard that the FMF Q is pretty decent noise and performance wise, but that they sometimes fall apart, probably not quite as fast as my homemade version. Anyone have any advice on a quiet/light weight/reasonably priced/decent performing exhaust? I bet someone makes one out of unobtainium... :)

Try Thumper Racing. They make baffles for several pipes, friend has one on stock WR400 pipe, good power and quite quiet. They have web site.

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