kick starter/clutch basket xr600

Before I take it to the Honda dealer, do I really need to remove the entire clutch assembly to install the kick starter spindle? The spring broke but I believe I not install it with the clutch assembly intact.

I rather not mess it. I broke one before when removing it or reassembling one on my CR 500.

I just dont have the tool for that.

Any suggestions?


Clutch needs to come out..Method: leave the chain on the Sprockets and engine in the bike.Get a metal drift and put it through one of the holes in the rear Sprocket and Lock it against the Swingarm so the wheel can't move forward..Put the bike in gear.Get an electric impact drill(Like they use in tyre shops)Apply impact pressure to the nut after removing the locking tab on it,, nut comes off in an anti-clockwise direction.It should give way and you can then do your repair .

I have done the same kind of thing, but just used the rear brake to hold it from turning.

Be sure to use fifth gear. That way the brake does not need to hold as much torque.

I use the electric impact wrench method, makes it easy.

thanks for the replies. will try it. thanks

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