northern calif. riders

there's dual sport ride coming up. __hr_mountainrun.jpg?bco.E.8AsDFlRC25

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Do you need to be street legal?

How gnarly is the terrain? I could take my DR650 'Street Princess', but the tires are pretty bald. And its actually never touched the ground with anything but the tires and kickstand, so it's absolutely pristine and I don't want to mess it up.

yes,you need license plate.some of ride is on paved county not sure how difficult terrain will be.i usually ride opposite side sierras[dodge ridge,deercreek and frasier flats].ive only rode at elkins flat area one time.its going to be my first time going on this dualsport run.most of the dual sport rides ive gone on have had alternate routes for novice and experts riders.the last dual sport i rode was the "Ridge Runner" and there were guys with street tires on brand new klr650's and dr650's.they made it to finishline![but from the parts i saw scattered along side of trail. there fenders,blinkers and kickstands werent so lucky]

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How much pavement vs dirt road vs single track? Will the course be going thru single track that is not normally open to riding? I've ridden Elkins Flat a couple of times - will the ride go to that area?


Well, I guess I could take the license plate off the DR and put it on the WR for the day :)

bflee,that good idea.a couple of my buddies have been using the license plates off their streetbike to ride dualsports for years without getting busted. ive posted all information i have.i only received entry form in mail a few days ago.if you are interested i suggest you call or email person listed on entry form.dont delay they are only accepting the first 125 and 4 of my buddies have already entered so that brings number down to 120.

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thanks freestyle

Sorry Freestyle - I just assumed you were a member of the club putting the event on.


who's going on this ride?

Sorry, I'm out. My club (OTHG) is having a thing that day.

Hey BFLee, I have your princess' twin sister. Must be the ugly twin, though it has only one scratch, I can't find her a good home...

What DO you do with orphaned Suzi Q's? Suzuki should recall them for falsely advertising and disguising them as "dual sport". I know the DR400 is supposed to be for real, but I'll never buy another Suzi Q just because they screwed me once, and that is too often.

I geared it WAY down: I still get nervous at the 100mph mark as the big front fender starts para-sailing the front wheel! Torque is a joke: with an engine 13 times smaller, my kid kicks my butt. Handlebars are useless: on the easiest track they have NO effect at all when you encounter such tricky situations as a gentle corner...It's really embarrassing when QUAD riders comment how heavy it is when they stop to lift it off you...

I still can't sell it! You think it's my sales pitch? :)

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