450 or 250 2 stroke!?

Hi all!

I'm thinking about selling my yz 250 01 2 stroke, in order to buy a 450 of 06-07 honda, kawasaki, yamaha, 07 ktm or a 250 ktm 07 and 250 honda 06.

I'm about to move out of my parents house to move into the city to start studying so the time to buy a new and reliable bik is now.

If you have any of the bikes that i listed, could you write your oppinion of the bike, and your thoughts of the 4 stroke vs 2 stroke maintanence and price for reaparing.

Please inlighten me with all of your oppinions and generall thoughts in this matter. Thanks in advance!

I have been thinking on this topic myself for awhile. I have had my YZ250 for a few years now and I always drool over the new bikes. I keep thinking I might be faster on a faster bike. I still want a new 4stroke but here's what I do to keep the thoughts down. I have owned an 06 RMZ 450 briefly and the ease it takes to jump is ridiculous. My corner speed was the same on the 2stroke but I could only clear the jumps on the RMZ. All that power. But since I don't have that RMZ anymore, those same jumps I had difficulty clearing on the YZ are no longer difficult because my corner speed as been forced to improve. I couldn't clear them so I kept pushing and pushing until I did. Had I kept the RMZ would I have improved the same? I don't think I would have. If I can clear the obstacles then there's not as much of a desire to push it a little more til I get it. I don't know if that makes sense. But I do know what its like to see all the new bikes and want to upgrade just to have something different.

Here's the thing though, right now i'm working an makin money but when i move to Gothenburg in the summer i will start studying and won't be able to work. And then food, rent and stuff like that will cost alot of money so the time to buy a new bike is now.

With the new bike either a 06-07 450 or 250 2 stroke, i will have for quite a long time at least until a graduate wich will probably be 4 years or so. so i will need a bike that i can use for a long time and i think a 450 ould be such a bike.

I also now that if i keep the 01 or buy a newer 250 2 stroke i will hafto get better to ride faster but sometime i will reach a limit where i can't go faster with such a bike and will need a 450 so why not buy one now?

Plan on racing competitively? Get the 450

Plan on play riding & maybe racing for fun? Get whichever bike gets your blood pumping.

Maintenance is easy on both bikes, but if something catastrophic happens then you'll be much better off with a smoker.

You can rebuild the top end of a 2 stroke for around $150 USD. You cant even start to do a top end on a 4 stroke for that money and you have to adjust or at a minimum check the valves every 40 hours.

I am looking at getting a new yz 250 just for the fact that it cost less to maintain and I miss the sound.

Yeah, I'm looking into selling my '02 yz 250f to get a yz 125 or 250 smoker so that I can maintain it and ride it through out the next 4 or so money deprived years. When looking at the price to do the maintenance thats needed, the two smokers seem like the good deal (and the 125's force you to have better form, which I certainly need).

You can rebuild the top end of a 2 stroke for around $150 USD. You cant even start to do a top end on a 4 stroke for that money and you have to adjust or at a minimum check the valves every 40 hours.

I am looking at getting a new yz 250 just for the fact that it cost less to maintain and I miss the sound.

Does it really cost that much for a rebuild, even if you do it all by yourself?

You can do it for $100 if you shop around. TT has good price on OEM piston for $81 shipped. Plus gasket kit. I would choose a 2stroke if my sole goal was to get faster. I highly doubt you will ever be too good for one. The 450 power is tough to pass up but faster is not always better.

Elvinsson, Unless you are RC,Stewart,Reed,Windham,MC you are not going to get to the point to where you can absolutely ring a 250 2t out. I realize that you may be one hella bike pilot but honestly a 250 2t is a hell of alot of bike if you REALLY ride it. Also if you read the pro comparisons the 450 only really pulls the 2t on long straights and places of low traction.

Crap for the money you want to spend to ride and maintain you would be crazy not to go with a newer RM or YZ two stroke. Both of these bikes are rock solid very reliable, and have an engine that has been on the market awhile so the parts are not outrageous. That is only my two cents tho. If you like to hit the track and ha ve a lazy day everyday get that thumper, if you want to improve your game get a 250. Unless you are racing at a realitively high level you are not gonna be pushing yourslef on a thumper of that size but on a 250 2t you will have to try a hellavuh lot harder to clear difficult obstacles and whatnot which in turn will only make you a better rider once you obtain a thumper

4 strokes are a tad bit easier (more lazy) to ride. But 2 strokes teach you valuable elements of riding. Most things you learn on a 2 stroke you cant learn on a 4 stroke. In my opinion i think a 125 is more fun than a 250f, just not as convenient for racing. For the record i have a 2008 crf250r and before that i had an 06 Crf250r. How ever the bikes i learned the most from were my 05 cr85r and my 06 cr85rb. Without those i wouldnt have learned some of the most crucial elements for motocross such as form, keeping on powerband, and most of all carrying momentum.

Okey, if i was going to buy a newer 250 2 stroke i was thinking about buying a

06 cr 250 because of the aluminum chassi.

07 ktm sx 250 because it's a completely new bike except for the engine

06-07 yz 250 i currently have a 01 so it will probably feel good or perhaps.

06-07 rm 250 or 06-07 kx 250 but i don't now much about them.

Wich bike do you think is the best and will suite a guy of 197 cm, 185 pounds and above average rider?

YZ250 has the best motor and all around package, also considered best stock suspension.

A 4 stroke will make you a lazy rider. You don't need to do everything right because the power will cover up the mistakes.

A 2-stroke will make you work to be fast and will reward your efforts.

I was a much better rider after I rode a 125 2 stroke.

People are right when they say "work makes you better".

Food for thought, 42 years old and bought a very fast 250 smoker and tried to slow it down with a flywheel weight and still wasn't fun to ride. Found a very clean 250f and fell in love with it. For me it is easier to ride and was faster at the local track. I love smokers, but 4 strokes are easier and more fun to ride.

Thats because a 250f is slow compared to a 250 2t or 450 4t in outright power. So its going to make you work more than a 250 2t will, to clear the same obstacles. Slower bikes are generally easier to ride and much safer. It inspires confidence.

I respectively disagree with the making you lazy comment that is discussed over and over about riding 4 strokes.Have you watched the riders that win on 4 strokes against 2 strokes....i have not seen anything lazy at all about the way they ride:thumbsup: If your not a competitive racer and you are not racing...you can be just as lazy on a 2 stroke as you can a 4 stroke.I see it everytime i go to a practice track....guys are lugging them 2 strokes around!!!I think what people are saying is that a 4 stroke will cover up lazy riding habits better than a 2 stroker will:crazy::banghead::busted:

I would advise on any of those 2 strokers. They are all quality bikes with their own set of pros and cons, none of which go far beyond the other. Try and ride one first so you know how it fits your style and likes.

2's are MUCH(!!!) cheaper and easier to fix, with more "user serviceable" parts inside. You need real skill to "fix" a 4.

Maintenance is a given on any bike, like it or not.

4's are now better bikes because that's where all the $$$ is put from the factories, R&D baby.

2's would still be right there with them if they did not burn oil.:banghead:

As far as 2's and 4's and being lazy, I think a lazy rider is what it is, LAZY. The ability and brain makes the rider, not the bike.

Give me two wheels and I can putt around on it!:busted:

I don't necessarily agree with the slower bike always being safer, at least that wasn't the case for me.Up until recently I have been on 250f's but towards the end I found myself pushing it so hard trying to get all of the power out of it that I was crashing and making stupid mistakes just because I was over riding the bike. Once I moved to a 450, I was back to being in control since it had enough power that I didn't have to be riding it to the limits. If you aren't racing seriously, get a 250 two-stroke. IMO the most fun bikes of all to ride, and maintenance is cake.

I don't necessarily agree with the slower bike always being safer

Nobody said ALWAYS. Generally. If you are pushing the bike to its limit than you would be an exception. Most people can't do that. I'm sure you are a better rider because you learned how to get alot out of a bike before moving up.

Get the smoker, it'll make you grin every time it hits the pipe! So will the rebuild for a buck and a half too. If you're a total power freak pick up a used CR500 AF and hang on.

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