Best YZ450F chain

First, it should be an excellent chain. You did not say whether you are running the ZRD or the ZRH. The ZRD, I believe, is the one that uses a riveted link, and that chain is 1mm wider than the ZRH, or the ORN6. But that's only .020" on each side.

The fact that it hits the frame is not too big a deal, unless it's hitting hard and removing a lot of material. Mine hits, but it's a long way from being a problem.

The Z ring Reginas are great, but like X-rings, I think you pay more for the "upgraded" seals than the advantage they have over O-rings is worth, so I don't bother with them.

Depending on the degree to which your chain hits the frame, it could either be something to worry about or not.

It's the ZRH style. Its an excellent chain no doubt! I have had not one problem but I just wanted to adress this rubbing issue.

I was able to get this chain for 30% off otherwise I would have gone with the ORN6.

A little more than 1/16" has been worn off for about a 1" spread below the subframe bolt. Is this something to worry about?


Not unless it continues.

Thank you.

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