Faulty FMF Q series exhausts


Last friday I picked up a new FMF Q Series exhaust for my WR426. When I installed it I found the lower/forward mounting bolt to be severly misaligned. The bolt lined up with the mounting point on the frame, but the angle of the bolt was way off. So I loaded up the bike with the muffler installed and drove down to the shop where I bought it. They came out and looked at it and said "Yup, it's no good. There have been a whole bunch like that that we have sent back."

Apparently the bracket is welded on the pipe upsidedown. When I talked to FMF directly they said they will not have another batch of pipes to ship out until the middle of May. Luckily the shop refunded my money and didn't make me wait for a replacement.

If you get one of these pipes from current inventory be very critical of the alignment.

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