Clutch Job on '05 WR450??

Ok...I had some strange things happen on the last ride. It was very rocky and had lots of slow sections with large rocks.

First I think the bike was finding neutral between 2nd and 3rd.

Second, there were a couple times it felt like it popped out of gear and froze...the bike would jerk to a halt.

It was hard to tell because there were bowling ball size rocks that we were navigating thru and these things happened. Since they happened a couple times for each problem I don't think it was me imagining it.

Anyone had a similar problem? Does it need a new clutch?

Any ideas are helpful.

Sounds like either your clutch overheated and was slipping OR you could have some serious tranny issues.

Did the symptoms get worst thoughout the ride? Or did they stop once you got on some easier trail?

Just my 2 cents.

I dont understand how a clutch "going out" could cause problems with the tranny popping out of gear (unless you were somehow getting it fully engaged). I would say its something with the tranny or shifting mechanism...

But what do i know...?

When I fried the clutch in my '04 the clutch would not disengage and the bike would not shift. I took it apart and found the metal plates were severely warped. If you need to replace the discs go oem. Replaced mine with EBC and had all kinds of trouble. Pulled them out after a month and installed oem's. No problems after that.

I believe it may be rider error. Most riders who tackle rocky sections know how to shift at the right time and when to fan the clutch to make it through. You may have lost track as to what gear you were in and were in 4th or 5th and bogged it and stalled it. Inexperienced riders can do this...:thumbsup: You may want to enroll in a beginer trail riding coarse.

I know of a great on from a Pro rider located in Moorpark Calif.

Check your shift lever for damage, or do you remember falling on that side? Drain the oil is it burnt or does it have metal in it? You could have a bent shift fork at the worst and thats a tear down. Bent shift lever hitting the case causing funny shifting maybe? Set the bike on a stand and shift it by hand while rocking the rear wheel. With no load it should go into gear easy, binding or fallin out of gear is the tranny.

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