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Hello fellow TTalkers, need some help. I have an 01 WR426 with stock setup on forks. I am 6ft and weigh about 245lb :D (hey no comments RetSenior)

Do mostley trail woods riding and cross country races, what kind off mods can be done to inprove forks without having to send out to suspension shops.

Ride Safe, Ride Often & Have Fun :)

You can replace the springs with a spring rate that is correct for your weight. Race Tech has a spring rate calculator on their web page. I replaced my springs with Race Tech; .48 front, 5.4 rear. I weigh about 240lbs.

You can also change the oil and the oil height. My '01 WR came with the oil height set at about 135mm, which is pretty low. I run it at 95mm for MX and 105mm for off-road riding. I am using Silkolene 5wt.

I would suggest getting some springs and changing the oil when you install them. Set the oil height to 100mm and go ride. Then you can decide if you need any further work.

If you haven't already done so, grease the steering head when you take the forks off to change the springs.

At 220 pounds I have always found that putting the oil level to the max specification works for me and am about to do this for my 01 WR426.

5 Weight oil would probably be heavier than stock oil so that will also help.

I've gone down this route (messing with oil heights, weights, etc). I never thought I would send my stuff to a suspension ship until I rode someone's well suspended bike. As soon as I could I took my front and rear and had them done for my weight and riding. It is night and day. Not only that but the shock made the biggest difference! I wasn't even going to do the shock.

I used JM Racing here in Houston. If you want a phone number or other details send me a PM. Worth every penny.

skthom2320 is absolutely correct, there is nothing like a well tuned suspension. But you don't need to send your stuff to Texas. There are several good suspension tuners right here in the Bay Area. MXShock in Concord, Lindemann Engineering in Campbell, or JN Innovations which I believe is in Hayward.

The stock Yamaha suspension fluid is more like 7.5wt, so 5wt is actually lighter.


I cannot say enough good things about FineLine:

Yesterday I took the bike by their shop to ask if I could get some assistance in stiffening up the suspenders. Before I could push the bike into the shop there were six guys with tools adjusting away. I felt like I was a F1 driver in the pits. In five minutes I was set-up an on my way. Total charge - $0.00


Idea...the bike is set up for a rider oh say 170 lbs. It would be cheaper to lose the pounds. Look at my dads titanum fastners to compinsate (sp?) for the extra serving of mashed potatoes. (I know i'll get there some day) Thanks for the info 135 lbs I don't think I should be bottoming stock suspension set up but oh well. More things to spend money on.

Thanks for all your information :)

Ride Safe, Ride Often & Have Fun

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