oil starved YZF450

03'YZF450 powered shifter Kart. The decompression plug came out and so did the oil. Locked up big time. How much does it cost to fix or would this be a good excuse to get a 5 speed motor. Thanks

Normally, the wonderful little #@!!*$%#:thumbsup: OEM plug only blows out if the breather gets obstructed. You might look into that. But DON'T reuse the OEM style plug.

As to your engine, the most typical failures in oil starvation are piston seizures and connecting rod big end seizures. Next on the list is cams seizing to the head. Both the crank and piston will likely be damaged, the head might be. The crank is up to $330, and the cylinder/piston/rings, etc., are roughly $350 at retail. (You won't pay retail at TT OEM Parts. The cam bores, if damaged, are repairable. EDCo has done a lot of them.

It could cost you anywhere between $500-$1200 in parts to fix.

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