Stator Rewinding

How do I rewind my stator? how much does it cost? Or should I just buy one from Baja Designs.

Thanks, I'm printing it out right now.

I'd just put it in the tape deck and push the button!

On a serious note, what is the out put of the stocker?

'If' I correctly recall, Honda 'claims' the stock XR650R stator output is 80 watts (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). While the stock stator can drive a 55 watt H3 bulb in the Honda replacement glass lense fairly well at higher RPM, it's far from perfect, especially at lower RPM, which tells me the 80 watt claim from Honda might be a bit optimistic unless their claim is based on the maximum output at redline. Never the less, the 55 watt H3 with the glass replacement lense is a big improvement over the stock light even with the stock stator as long as it doesn't get hit & broken by some hard roost. Rewinding your stator for more output will significantly improve the light output of the 55 watt bulb at lower RPM and will also drive an 80 watt bulb nicely.

If you don't feel comfortable rewinding your own stator, your local bike shop might even do this at a reasonable cost. I've also heard good things about Ricky Stator's work. You can check out his web site at

For anyone interested, the Honda PN# for the glass replacement lense that uses an inexpensive ($3.00) H3 bulb is "33123-MK2-671". This is the same glass light that comes in the BD lighting improvment kit. To use this headlight instead, you'll need to change the existing wiring connectors which is no big deal, but its a nice inexpensive upgrade over the stock light. Also, the black boot on the back of the headlight will fit over the glass replacement lense with a bit of coaxing, but its a much tighter fit than with the stock light.

The U.S. market XR650R comes with a four pole stator. The Canadian/Guatemalan market XR650R comes with a twelve pole stator to power full street lighting. The U.S. market XR650R has the mounting holes for all twelve stator poles, and Ricky Stator sells the conversion kit. I have it on mine to power an E-Line dual sport kit with a 55/100 watt H4 headlight.

The U.S. market XR650R comes with a four pole stator

The US version does comes with a twelve pole stator, but only four lighting coils are wound in addition to the two ignition coils for a total of six wound coils on the US version. There's no need to buy stator poles for the US version and all you have to do is wind the remaining six poles and tie them into the existing coils to do this mod.

I removed my stator, sent it to Baja Designs with $100.00, got it back a week and a half later, installed it and that was it. That was worth the money,(IMHO).

Ordered the epoxy and magnetic wiring online, one week to receive order (call or e-mail supplier to avoid backorders).

Rewound stock stator in one evening, let epoxy dry overnight and installed the next day.

Total time: 8.5 days,

Total cost: $33,

Bragging rights: Priceless :)

Bragging rights: Priceless :D

Yep... :):D

What does the epoxy dry like. We have lots of different epoxies around here. I don't want to order something I already have at work. I can buy the wire at R+D electronics down the street when I'm ready.

In the instructions I down loaded it doesn't say how many turns of wire on each post. Do I just make them all the same?

You can go to the 3M web site and get the exact specs on that epoxy and then compare it with what you have access to. You should keep the same number of turns around each coil. As I recall, the stock coils had 75 turns of 18 gauge. You could rewind all your coils with 16 gauge and less turns for even more power (lower coil resistance), but the power will have to be sunk somewhere and I don't know if the stock regulator would handle it well or not, especially if your front light went out. Best bet is to stick with #18 unless you don't mind doing some more experimenting. Here's another stator rewind article for ya...

I was debating the do-it-yerself job of stator rewind and the more I read on the subject the more I decided to just mail mine off to someone who does rewinds on a daily basis. I think it's great that some of you handy men can wire that booger yerself, but I lack the time and patience to sit there and count wraps and ensure I wound the right direction. The other factor was my DSK maker advised me not to exceed 200 watts since it would probably fry the regulator and micro-battery in my kit.

With that in mind, I sent mine off to Ricky Stator. Haven't gotten it back yet, but I have been quite pleased with Ricky. He e-mailed me several times and even called once to make sure of what I wanted. That's good customer service. In the end I'm getting two 100 watt circuits built on the stator. One circuit will be able to run both headlight filaments for night riding, and the other will power the DSK battery, signals, and accessories.

Money invested $110

Time spent chasing the frau around the house and not in the garage sniffing burning wires--Priceless. :)

I've done 2 XR stators. Both turned out fine. Honda made a wiring change through the years so be sure you connect your new windings in series, not parallel, with the originals. Best of luck.

Thanks, I have enough info to do the job now.

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