throttle stuck!

Ok so i just bought my 04' YZ450F last tuesday. This past saturday i took it out for a ride for the first time. After riding for about an hour the throttle stuck wide open on me and I guess i freaked couldnt get the bike shut off and wrecked hauling ass! The throttle had felt fine the hole time i had been out and it didnt hang up at all. After the wreck the throttle tube felt like it was full of dirt. I pulled the cover off at the carb. and the cable looks like it bows out on top when i turn the throttle. Is that normal? Also somebody said something to me about removing the bottom cable because it doesnt really do anything to me. I thought it was a saftey deal and was supposed to keep the throttle from sticking. Obviously it didnt work lol. I am really just looking for some advice on what i need to check and where i need to start to figure out what the hell happened. Thanks.


If the top cable bows when you open the throttle at the carb, the bottom cable is broken. If it had not been, you could have forced the throttle closed under most circumstances. This setup uses one cable to open the throttle, and the other to close it, and when set up right, the throttle twist grip actually stops against the closing cable, and not part of the throttle housing. Buy a pair of cables (they come in a set) and replace them.

Thanks. I was looking and the throttle cables and tubes are not too expensive. Im probably going to go ahead and order the throttle cables and tube and new grips. I still have to figure out what is messed up on my levers. I have been staying so busy I dont get much time to mess with it when i get home.

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