Sen. Boxer - Outlaw motorcycles "for your protection"

Read it yourself. First it looks like just street regs but it will go way beyond! This is just a sample of the inanity!

"Riding is not a right, it's a privilege granted by the government. While adults may choose to accept the inherent risk associated with motorcycle riding, minors cannot be expected to make rational decisions regarding their own safety. Like smoking, drinking, and other life-threatening activities, motorcycle riding isn't kid stuff" so says Boxer.

Read it all here:


Read it and then spread the word. Yes Virgina, there is a DEVIL!!!

Did you read the New Legislation crap? That power to weight ratio law is absolutely stupid. These people p!ss me off almost as bad as the eco nazis. We seriously need to fight back. Flood their E-mail with wheelie pictures or stunt riding pictures? If being stupid is a right then riding a motorcycle is a right.

Barbie Boxer is the worst nightmare of our Founding Fathers come true. (Can't Understand Normal Thinking?). By any definition of freedom and self-determination, NO law to "protect" free citizens from themselves can exist in a truly free society. Hypocracy at its ultimate!

I don't care whether it's seatbelts, helmets, guns, or motorcycles: OUR RIGHTS ARE NOT GRANTED BY THE GOVERNMENT. OUR PRIVILEGES ARE NOT BESTOWED BY THEM. The government's SOLE purpose for existing is to SAFEGUARD these very essences of our existence as a nation from those who would destroy them (like Boxer). We simply give them up without a fight to degenerates like her...

I know I rant and rave about this stuff, but it is happening EVERY DAY, on every level! Want to hear a good one? Iowa's state flag has a banner, gripped in an Eagle's talons, proclaiming "Our Liberties We Prize; Our Rights We Will Maintain". Yeah, right... I live here...Iowa loves trading liberties for federal funding. But motorcycle riders DID shove Iowa's helmet law up their *ss!

Is it these Boxer-type meglomaniac's fault we LET them defecate on OUR Constitution? Or is it our's? What do YOU plan to tell your progeny some day when they ask why you didn't save any freedom and liberty for them ? :D


PICK A BATTLE AND MAKE SOME ENEMY-OF-FREEDOM (LIKE BOXER) PAY! Make them dread what each day will bring. Keep them so busy doing damage control that they can't attack you! Devote 15 stinkin' minutes a day for one week to firing off emails. See what happens. Don't write to Peter Jennings, write to his sponsors! Go after what THEY care about: ego and money. How can it NOT help? (Or do you think just paying AMA dues is sufficient?) :)

Believe it or not, we HAVE powerful political allies. Identify them. Help them. Let everyone know who they are. We have seen some excellent posts from members lately proving this can work! :D

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read closely, there is a differnce between motorcycle saftey and motorcycle safely....this a good april fools joke. check the date on the pages. just up on april 1st.


I tried to send a nasty reply to them in their feedback and they would not accept it??????

Is this really a joke? Man, you better be more careful. Some crazy f**ker might actually might take a shot at that bitch.

Check her web site. She has many issues but none of them are in relation to offroad motorcycles. More like stopping suicide bombings, urging the Department of Defenset to buy more C-17's, and stopping the spread of Tuberculosis. April fools has fool a few again.


Chaindrive I love your passion! I wish more people had your fire! Joke or not some people are not messing around when I comes to issues such as these. If more people had your attitude our rights would be much better represented. We need to become more involved as a group of people who ride & vote. I know It sounds lame but thats how they get into office and thats how they are removed. As a group we must maintain not only a watchfull eye but an active voice in issues. This time it may be a joke. The next time It might be real. Act now or regret it later. I for one could do more and I will. Concerned In Ca.

I probably deserved that one. But it also proves the point: Each day we pick up the newspaper and read about legislation that passed while we slept that is exactly like this. We may think we were just minding our own business while living and letting live, but the joke IS on us...forever and for real. :)

"The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance"

I, too, am very guilty of forgetting this. The price I now pay IS personal and expensive. It can and IS happening to me. Not without a fight though! Not now, not ever!

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