Need help on Acerbis 5.8 fitting

Well, I just got my new Acerbis 5.8 tank for my '93 XR650L and I have run into a problem. The steering will no longer turn to full lock with it installed. The front turn signal mounts hit the tank. Is there any way I can get full turning ability with this tank? Maybe make small riser-brackets for the signals? Maybe heat tank and dish it in where it hits? Maybe grind off old tank mounts (where the rubber donuts go) to make it sit lower? As it is, I am losing almost a half-inch of travel and the tank is bolted down tight. Anyone have any ideas? Cause I am fresh out. I dont really mind the loss of travel, but if I dump the bike on the trail, all the shock of the bars hitting the ground will go straight to the tank.

Update: I just raised the signals and now I almost have full travel. Now, if the bike tips over, there will only be a little shock to the tank.

Raising the signals or getting shorter ones are the only fixes I have heard of.

Post up some pic's so we can see....

just put flush mount turn signals and bingo, plus they don't look as goofy as the stock ones

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