leaking coolant!?

When i was riding home last night on my 03 wr450f i noticed every about ten seconds, coolant would drip onto the pipe and cause some smoke when i was waiting at a light. I took of the plastics to check out the radiator and found in the bottom right corner that there was some coolant there and it is dripping from there onto the head pipe.

What the heck is going on?? thanks a lot


Dude, sounds like you answered your own question...leaky radiator? Check around eBay and whatnot for a good used one if you don't want to spend big $$.

but how could have that randomly hanppened???

Is it a hole in the radiator, or do you just have a leak in a hose or at the connection? If it's the radiator, take it off and send it to Mylers for an easy fix. If it's a hose or clamp, then quit whining and change it out :banghead:...SC

Might be your weep hole seal, try a search.

Might be your weep hole seal, try a search.

The weep hole is lower than the pipe, so unless gravity is reversed or you get some weird air turbulence, it's highly unlikely that it would hit the top of the header...SC

Yea im not quite sure what it is...it happened really randomly yesterday because everything was fine before. I took a picture of it so ill post it on here in a couple minutes...

Just hoping i dont need a new one...

you can see in the corner is where it is, its leaking from there onto the headpipe...do i need a new radiator??? Thanks


Drain out the coolant and pull the radiator. Clean it off with some degreaser, plug the hose fitting and fill it up with some water and red food coloring. Hang it up somewhere and wait for the leak. Mark the spot and take it to a radiator repair shop, or send it to Mylers and get it fixed. Much cheaper and just as good as getting a new one...SC

okay...how exactly should i drain it??? thanks

Did you fall on that side lately, or try to straighten out the rad? I straightened out my rads a few times, but one time a vertical tube pulled away from the reservoir tank at the bottom. Since your looks like it's leaking at the bottom of the tube right near the rad mount, that may be what happened. The rad mount wouldn't let the rad flex at that corner, so maybe the tube cracked away from it.

If the rad is toast, you can try to repair it. The squiggly metal fins don't have any liquid in them and can be pried away from the spot that is leaking, with a pair of needle nose pliers. Make sure you just grab the squiggly fins, not the vertical tubes. The vertical tubes have coolant fowing through them. If you can expose the leak you may be able to get someone to repair it.

okay...how exactly should i drain it??? thanks
remove the rad cap and then drain the system through the bolt on the bottom of the water pump. See page 3-6 of your manual or PM me your email address and I'll send you the manual.:banghead:

i had someone weld it back together on mine and it as good has new

okay...how exactly should i drain it??? thanks

Get a manual from the Performance Index...SC

alright thanks a lot guys. Ill let you know if i have any questions...

Rad shop can do a quick pressure check too....

If this is right side it could be running down and collecting there but actually leaking from a hole in the overflow tube or a leaky cap...

Either way it does not look that bad and as Clark said, Mylers in Utah will hook you up with any kind of repair needed...

Good luck :banghead:

ok thanks a lot guys...

i have a question that i need a auick response to...i need to ride to the doctor cause i have to save my gas in my car so i was wondering if you guys think the bike will be okay if i ride maybe 20 miles??? Its not leaking too bad...

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