How often do you hit your Rev limiter

When racing a 250f-Bounce it off the limiter untill the gate drops and usually 10 times a lap, The power is in the upper end of the powerband, it sucks but thats just how you have to ride one fast.

When racing a 450- maybe once or twice a lap-But not alot, I like using the low and mid range to get max hook up. In the whoops and somtimes in the air. The much younger fast A/pro riders that I practice with live on the rev limiter even on a 450, but they have to do a total rebuild every 10hrs, where I get 3 to 4 times that before a rebuild.

no limiters for me ...thanks

I also don't like to hit rev limiter. Shift early, that's all what I do :banghead:

I must be really slow..i'm never on the limiter. :banghead:

On my previous bike (TT-R 250) a few times when approaching jumps (the 3-4upshift killed the power)

On the WR 450f...never

umm about every time i come outta a corner and every straight away, every woop section every time i whip it and bring it back straight pretty much all the time but as soon as i hit it i grab another gear, thats why i cant ride a 250f cause not matter what gear i was in i was on the rev limiter

on my 125... every time i rode it .. on my 4 stroke.. almost never unless sumthin goes wrong

My '84 and '88 XR's might not have rev limiters (at least that's what I heard), but if they did, I probably have not hit 'em cause anything over 8k rpm doesn't make much more power with these older bikes. And a trail bike engine revving this high sounds really scary. Plus I don't race them anyway. At least the headers stay on! My buddy's YZ400F revs to the moon and I always back off before it sounds like it will explode. Guess I'm just a weekend warrior... :banghead:

i rode limiter alot on my 250f when id upshift in the air id hit limiter jsut to make sure the power wasnt gunna fall on its face when i hit the ground

hit it quite a bit i don't see how you can race and not hit the rev limiter multiple times a lap probably.

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