Need advice on selling 01 WR 426

Just wondering what you guys thought a good selling price would be for a 01 wr 426. Bike is completely stock with approx. 2 hours on it. Oil has been changed twice and the tires still have the rubber twigs on the knobbies. Thanks for any advice.



No seriously, if you want to go halves on it that would be cool. YOU CAN PAY FOR IT AND WE CAN KEEP IT AT MY HOUSE !

According to (Kelley Blue Book) the retail is $5280, but that is also probably based on auction value.

anybody with advice on how much i should ask for it?

I saw one a couple of months ago for $4500. It was very clean, showed less than 300 miles on odo, the owner said it was to much bike for him. This is the Houston area, so San Antonio should be about the same.

Remember, always ask about 10% more than your willing to accept, buyers seldomly pay asking price for a used late model dirt bike.

If you're going to sell, do it before the 450's hit the market next year. Nobody wants a 400 now, and who would want one since you can get a 426.

Just pay 5700 for new 2002. One year old is going to be hard to sell. You need a cash buyer with that kind of money. I hate to say it but 3,500 to 4,000 and it won't be easy .

Start around $4500 or a little less depending on your market and go from there. I paid $5150 out the door last fall for my '01 WR.

I'm from SA and I may know someone who'll give you 4100-4200 for it..

tyrel it is a 426. you Bone head. this is christopher d. hahaha

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I'm from SA and I may know someone who'll give you 4100-4200 for it..

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