Bushing replacement for odometer drive XR650R

Does anyone know of a company other than XR's Only that makes a bushing and dust seal to replace the odometer drive on a XR650R? I need to remove the drive but don't want to go through the nightmare I went through with XR's Only again to get the part I need. When I did a search, all I saw was XR's Only - hoping this isn't my only option.

You could machine something up maybe?

I ordered a Trail Tech Vapor and will just use the plug that comes with it.

get the trail tech Vapor and cap it whats the difference. spacer or drive? it take up the same amount of room. Plus the Vapor give you r.p.m. read out and most important to me, on the big red pig is the temperture gauge with warning lights. I dont know about you but I can get mine pretty darn hot!

Enduro Engineering.

It's the same one as early KTM's

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