xr-600 third gear noise

my 92 dual sported xr-600 has developed a significant gearbox growling when in third gear

is this normal? have others experienced this ?

any suggestions ?

I hate to brake the bad news to you but XR600 gear boxes ware out after about 10-15k miles. Riding with a tour group these past years when the XR600 was king of the desert including mine had tranny problems. I could here gear box chatter when it was geared up or lugged in low gear. When I rebuilt my engine I found the gear face's of 3 gears were chipped away. I had to replace 6 gears costing about $600. The transmissions are strong but just ware out. If you pull the engine apart for ring and valves might as well split the cases too. It's a great bike but it's air cooled and doesn't last as long.

My 96 XR 600 has taken more hard miles and abuse than should be legal for a dirt bike. From looping it on rock face cliffs, running on Mexico gas for a week and riding it back to back weekends for months on end, the bike is amazing for it's reliability. It has never let me down ever. Granted father time will come some day and the miles will catch up to this work horse machine. I would recommend fixing it if you can and enjoy the 600 for what it is. Good Luck!

Call Freddy @ XR's only... The resident thumper motor expert. 760-244-2626

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