tired of skipping like a rock-I need softer suspension!

My 02 WR426 was setup for the 250lb guy I bought it from, and has Eibach springs in it (stock YZ spring rates). I weigh 175 and just trailride, no mad leaps for me, so I dont need the heavy springs.

I have the clickers all the way out, front and rear, but I'm thinking of putting the stock springs back on (front and rear).

How much stiffer are the YZ springs than the WR springs?

I got on my brothers XR and it just soaks up all the small stuff. Is it just because my seat is so damn hard?:banghead:

Or am I just a wuss?:busted: We rode 62 miles of singletrack last weekend and my butt is just now feeling better.

How do I get that plushness, with good damping control?

PS: Sure do like the motor though!!:D

yeah... you'll be alot happier with the softer springs.

BTW.... i think this is the first thread ever wondering about making the WR sprung lighter...lol.

Racetech .46 springs and some 5# fork oil ought to set you up perfectly. If you can figure out what rate the springs for the big guy are, you'll likely be able to offset the cost of the new springs with a little creative classified...SC

Are you replacing both front and rear? I have the same bike with stock springs and have been thinking of stiffening it up. Let me know if you figure out what rate springs you are removing and if you would like to sell them.

Below is info off of race techs calculator for 02' YZ426F, 250lb. rider

Type of Riding: Desert / Enduro / Trail

Rider Weight: 250 lbs

Fork -

Recommended Fork Spring Rate: 0.500 kg/mm (use closest available)

Stock Fork Spring Rate (measured): .460 kg/mm (stock)

Shock -

Recommended Spring Rate: 5.82 kg/mm (use closest available)

Stock Shock Spring Rate (measured): 5.4 kg/mm (stock)

Stock 02' WR426 -

Stock Fork Spring Rate (measured): .460 kg/mm (stock)

Stock Shock Spring Rate (measured): 5.2 kg/mm (stock)

So the YZ stock shock spring is stiffer but the fork springs are supposedly the same. I would guess that the 250lb guy you bought it from probably went with a higher than stock spring rate.

See if byggd wants to trade straight across :banghead:

Thanks Guys!

I have the stock springs, in the Eibach boxes. Hopefully the boxes will tell me the rates. He told me they were just YZ rated springs, no stiffer.


LOL, I know, but I come from riding XRs all my life and this thing feels like a hardtail underneath me. Its not just the concrete SDG seat, the bike just seems to skip all over and I feel EVERYTHING. I have learned to ride more agressively and it works better. I just want it plush for the first half of the stroke with a good bottoming resistance for those high speed G outs and the occasional jump. I'm NOT a leaper, and would trade plushness for this setup anyday.


Thanks for those #s! That will help me figure this out. I'll check that calculator out.


I'll try to get the #s and see if they will work for you.


I'll try to get the #s and see if they will work for you.

Sounds good! From what i've read I would need around a .46-.47 front and 5.4-5.6 rear for my weight (205)

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