coating cylinder for storage

i know in the manual it says to use 10w-30 but why cant i just use the 20w-40 that i use in the bike? i have plenty of spare bike oil. is it because its too thick and will give me starting problems in the spring? i just wanted to check with u guys before i did something to screw it up, although i cant see why it would be a problem. but u guys will know :banghead: thanx alot


I know that 20W40 is used for higher environment temps than 10W30 (I read it in a manual) but don't know if the fact the bike isn't running will make a difference. Any oil is better than none, I suppose. Any one else know about this?

I'm not an expert mechanic, but I don't think the little difference in weight would matter.

I'm planning on playing in the snow as much as I can here in MI with mine, so I'm not planning on putting it up for the winter.:banghead:

20-40 should be fine. The purpose of the oil in the cylinder is to coat the metal and keep it from rusting or corroding. Fogging oil would work equally as well, maybe better because of how you apply it. Fogging oil is available in a spray can and with the motor running you spray it down the carb for a few seconds until the motor stalls. That coats not only the cylinder, but also the valves and valve stems.

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