Different Graphics for yellow plastic?

Does anyone make/have different graphic kits for the yellow 06's. Iwant to match my 450 to my Pitster with yellow rockstar kit if possible. Otherwise would like to see some pics if you guys have anything besides Hannah kits.

Dirt Digits makes nice stuff in Yellow for Yamahas. Any of their patterns shown in blue you can have them do in yellow - just ask.


http://www.decalmx.com ...But you'll have to call them as opposed to ordering online...I think they charged me $30 to change the blue to yellow...


Which kit is that? It looks sharp!!

Goose, what brand of frame guard do you have on your bike? Looks like they'll do the job.

Which kit is that? It looks sharp!!

It's the T4 series number plates and the "gripper" T3 series radiator shrouds (which are freakin' sweet by the way, super thick, matte finish, doesn't show scratches, and grips insane when you squeeze your knees in)...

The frame guards are the Light Speed carbon fiber ones, but I took them to the local truck bed liner place (Line-X in Torrance) and had him spray them (for just $15 bucks!)...Plus, without me knowing until I went to pick them up, he added a couple coats of UV gloss for extra protection from boot wear (apparently he rides too, and knew there's a lot of wear right there)...After many rides it's still glossy and barely scratched...It goes well with the gripper shrouds since it's almost exactly the same texture...

Since this pic was taken, I've added an E-line carbon fiber pipe/heat guard, and the E-line carbon fiber skid plate (heavier than I had expected, and had to be cut/filed down to fit snug, not too happy about that)...

Future plans include an all black tall seat, and black rims with polished hubs...

I love the TT Website. You guys are all awesome...been looking for this stuff on my own forever!:banghead:

Thanks, good idea with the frame guards.

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