My WR don´t revs to highest rpm

WR 98 European model, WR timing, air box lid removed, Yoshimura exhaust, MJ 168,PJ 45, screw 1 3/4 out DTM #4, riding altitude 1000-1500 feet 5-30°C. I am running this bike for three years without any problem from spring to autumn, rarely during the winter without jetting changes. Now I noticed hesitation at 1/4 – 3/4 throttle. Than I read all “jetting” and “hesitation” topics on this forum and solved the problem by lowering the needle to #2 (more humidity probably in our area now ). After that when I checked all the revving I noticed that motor does not revs to highest rpm and seems like there is something like revs limitor approximately at 7000 rpm. It is noticeable with neutral or pushed clutch with gear, not so much when loaded. I have tried MJ 160-165-170-175, but no change. As I have mentioned above, I have never change the jetting since I run this bike so I decide to throw to electric. I checked CDI magneto, TPS, stop button, neutral switch by manual instructions even I have tried CDI, carb with TPS, plug and coil from my buddy’s bike (WR 99) on my bike, but no change. I know, it is too dangerous to rev unloadeded motor to highest rpm so I don’t do it but my buddy’s WRs revs without such a symptoms and I thing there is something wrong on my bike. I am a little unhappy with this case so only the thing what I should to do is change the bike ...

Any advise would be greatly appreciated


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