brake pad supports

I noticed the brake pad supports were trashed when I was about to replace my rear pads. (You know the gasket material and metal covering that clip to the outer part of each pad.) Anyways , how important is it to get new ones, anyone run your bike without these supports? my yami dealer said he would get some in 3 weeks!

I recon they are just anti-rattle shims to stop the pads making annoying noises. Take them out and ride without them.

Think of the weight saving too!! ;-))

:) Like WRSM, I too think they are just Anti-rattle shims, I run my bike without them fitted, in fact, some after market pads recommend removal as they are a tad thicker than OEM, :D

If it is the anti-squeal shims, then you could ride without them for a while...

Imagine the terror you can instill in your competition when you roar up behind them with that deep growl of the 4 stroke, then, as you go under them in the corner, they have an ear-piercing squeal imprinted on their minds... they will have nightmares for weeks... wondering what monster took them out on the corner... LOL


thanks,a new mod.. Im gonna have to run without them just so I can scare my competition!

That's the best mod on my bike: the HOOOORN!!!! :)

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