Hi hoppalong,

I chose the moose fanny pack. Its not too bulky and I hardly know I have it on. I think I got it at Rocky Mountain. I just checked their website but couldn't find the same one. Anyways, you can use Moose as a starting point. Sorry I couldn't be of more help


I 2nd the vote for a Moose. I'm on my 2nd Moose and love it.

I third the vote for the Moose pack, I have one and like it alot, it has many nice compartments for various tools and it seems to be holding up well.

I have the Fox enduro pack and it is very good. I believe it is very similar to the Moose.

Are you guys talking about the rally pack or the enduro pack?

I'm pretty sure mine is the enduro. Its a little smaller but has enough room for my tools I like to carry, has padding on the back side where it rest against your lower back.

I was talking about the Rally. My brother has the Enduropack, the thing is really big, but can hold alot.

I have the smaller of the 2, just wasn't sure on the name.

I've had both Moose Fanny Packs. The smaller pack is the one I liked the best. I ordered the Enduro pack by mistake but still use it.

It's larger and more space than I really need.

I use the moose fanny packs. A lot of drink systems also have room for tools for the short rides.

OK?? It's between the Moose or the Fox pack!! Both packs have enough room, The difference is $38.00 vs $50.00. The moose being more :):D

Pay less. I've got the Fox pack. Works fine. Don't know how the size compares to the two Moose packs, but holds enough tools, and could hold more if I packed it in, however, I try to keep just the necessities.

I know you are talking about fanny packs, but I use a camel back. It straps on nice and tight and I can carry all of my tools and water, I got tired of my fanny pack smacking around and working it's way down around my ankles when fully loaded, and it was hard to carry water without crushing it. IMO

I have had good luck with a little jansport fanny pack that holds two water bottles, as well... was very cheap.. $20 or so i think. Room for tools, plugs, a granola bar and a gps with no trouble..

I too like the Jan sport Fanny pack. Holds everything I need for a long woods ride and is comfortable.

Bonzai :)

I've been riding all year with a Hydrapak HipSip 70. It is a fanny pack/hydration pack that holds 70oz of water. I think I got it for about $40. I hold all of my trail tools in it and some other goodies as well. It has held up well this season with no rips or other damage. I only ride trails but I do fall a bit since I can't reach the ground very well.

Just a quick note here, I use a fishing vest instead of a fanny pack, holds all of the essential tools and tp and all of the other stuff we haul around and hope we never have to use, It carries the weight all around me (not just on your back) This is for summertime riding, in the winter I wear a Moose Trask coat with a million pockets. The only down side to the vest are everone wants to know if I caught anything.LOL


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