I gots me a case of the Hard Startin' blues.

nice shot, where is that?

That's Riverside County in the Inland Empire. I was riding in the hills around Quail Valley by Canyon Lake.

The mountains in the background are the snow covered peaks of Mt. San Gorgonio which are northeast of Riverside.

It was a bit chilly out there yesterday, especially the water crossings.

If it was constantly puking gas then there might be a little piece of crud under the float needle. The crud keeps it from closing leading to the leaking fuel.

Here is a simple trick that I learned when from my bikes with rusty tanks. Turn off the petcock. Drain the fuel bowl with the drain screw. Let the gas run out. Don't close it yet. Open the petcock and let the gas flow out the drain for a couple of seconds. Close the drain. This procedure can flush the crud out. It's worked countless times for me.

That's a good idea.:banghead: Wish I had thought of it yesterday while I was out riding, but I was cold and hungry and the only thing I had on my mind was the fact that it was Tuesday and Popeyes Chicken has their $1 lunch special.

When the belly talks, I listen.

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