Upsidedown shocks on my 650L

Anybody here of anyone putting upside down shocks on there XR650L... just curious.

I've seen a couple of guys put KX forks on the 250L to help it out in the tight woods... Supermoto guys put 'em on their 650's. What are you trying to achieve with this mod.. function or eyecandy? I'm not sure that even a set of Ohlins would much improve the XRL's manners in the tight stuff.

I have a set of W/P upside down forks I had on my last XR-650l. I used these for about a year and loved them. I purchased a newer XR650L and kept the forks, but I did not install on new bike, as the forks were re-valved and came with a SRC fork brace.

Do you stiil have the W/P upside down forks and if so are you interested in selling them... how much?

If not how much did it cost to get them and put them on.

Hope to here from you soon.

I still have them. They currently are set up with Pro-tapers, Pro- taper hand guards, and the axle is set up for a XR650L. The only thing to change is the bearings in your front wheel. The axle diameter is not the same as stock, but I think I even have a set of replacement bearings(new). I have not considered selling these before, but I would be interested I suppose. I have kinda changed my focus to racing and probably won't be messing with the 650L as much. I originally paid $650.00 for these forks plus the pro-tapers, mounts, handguards, etc. By the way, this is an awesome set up with an extra cool factor, gets alot of attention. Action on the forks is magic, just dial away and go from dirt to street.

So lets say you are willing to sell them now... how much :)

Oh ya I live in canada... so $650 is pretty much doubled here. Damn stupid canadian dollar :D

Anyways just let me know if your interested in selling.

Im only interested if the price is totally duable for me.

I will take $500.00, this includes Pro-taper set up.You can PM me

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