Twin Air vs K&N

Just wondering what everyones views on the difference in reliability and longevity between the Twin Air and the K&N.

I've never owned a K&N filter, but the Twin Air and UNI filters that i've used lasted me a couple of years. They're great.

I just want to get away from cleaning it too frequently. I know it is the best thing along with oil changes. I think that the K&N won't need as much cleaning and might flow better.

I clean my air filters after every trip. Just got done doing 4 i hate cleaning air filters . I run twin air in all my bikes and make sue they are good to go before every trip. I also keep one oiled in a bag just in case.

I also have only used the twin air in my bikes. The K&N's I have used in my cars. Not sure why. I guess the foam makes me feel like it filters better.

I guess the foam makes me feel like it filters better.

from EVERYTHING Ive heard it does! I will only run foam. If you dont want to clean the filters as much use those PC outerware cover things. Or maybe panty hose.

There is just no way to avoid cleaning those filters. I keep a couple extra for each bike and perform the cleaning and re-oiling ritual less often. This way I can just pop one in and go. KJR

Twin air or Uni,and I only use twin air oil just my choice but it goes on good and is easy to get even.

I bought an XR600 long time ago that was run with a K&N and it's my opinion as to why it needed a top end .

Find a buddy who is running one, take it out and hold it up to the light. To me a used K&N looks like it has holes in it.

Clean filter = length of engine life.

I've heard lots of rumors about the K&N filter but i thing they're just rumors...

I use K&N filter on my WR and it's great. It needs cleaning like all filters and also needs some grease to put on the sealing everytime you clean it but i had never had problems with dust. Yamaha dealers in Greece suggest and sell K&N filters for racing use. My opinion is that if you take proper care of the K&N is the best filter you can buy and it lasts longer.

K & N are great.....

if you want to dust your motor :banghead:

K & N are great.....

if you want to dust your motor :banghead:

Agree. I tried K&N years agoon an '85 XR350R. When I removed it the 1st time for cleaning, the engine side of the airbox was coated with a film of oily dust. I experimented with the amount of oil on the filter and the seal, no improvement. I have been using Twin Air and UNI since, no problems.

K&N filters leak dirt-- bottom line. They pass the most air and are used by racers, because racers want the least restriction to air flow. In addition, K&N filters will repel water. Racers also rebuild their motors on a regular basis and accept the fact that the K&N filter passes dirt that foam and paper filters trap. For information, I ordered a genuine Yamaha Air Filter for my 2003 WR450F. When I removed the filter from its packaging, it had Twin Air printed on the side.

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