Hey lewichris

What's up buddy? When we were North of the border we ran into a group of guys from Kalispel, and one of them worked or owned a Yamaha dealership from there. Contacting on of the local dealers would be your best bet.

I was wondering who this was at first. But i see it is My good friend Tyrel. You pics didn't work on my Comp. Any way i hear canfield is closed to bikes. Know anything about that and i wonder who we should call. Tlk to you later.


What's this talk of moving to Kalispel?

good job there. about 12,000 more a year

Hey Chris, I'll take it!! That would about double my current income :D and let me live in God's country! :D It's where I took my Bride-to-be when I felt it was time to show her my idea of paradise...You couldn't possibly ever regret it. :)

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