valving needed with springs?

Dont find anything in the forums.Do you need to change fork valving with heavier springs or not.I am coming back to racing enduro and c stream MX(no big jumps but smallish table tops.Stock WR 450 forks are VERY soft,even not jumping, deep woops bottom out(I'm 180lbs).Dont want to spend money on forks as I change bikes often(love WR though).Have put 5w oil in and upped level.

Any shortcut ideas on riding WR on MX track??(I know its not a MX bike but I'm not CHAD REED )

No, you don't necessarily need to revalve with a spring swap. I just threw some .48's in mine, added 7.5# weight oil and raised the level a bit. It made a HUGE difference with no ill effects. However, revalving is the way to go if money is no object...SC

What Clark said... especially at 180lbs, you are a feather compared to my 220lb :banghead:

I have ran 10 wt oil before with no issues but will typically stick with 7wt.

Good Luck with the MX stuff....... with the lack of a real hard hit off the bottom you need to ride the track differently, you need to find a good flow on the WR and just accept the fact that you can't do everything the MX bikes are doing.

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