'07 wr450f deals in or around Ohio?

I am in the market for an '07 wr450f and it seems no dealerships have them locally. I am in the Dayton area in Southwest Ohio. I saw some deals at Honda East in Toledo a week or two ago for under $6000 but now I don't see them listed anymore. Anyone been to a dealership that needs to move some old stock before the end of the year? I tried Yamaha of Troy, Clinton County Motorsports, and Competition Accessories a couple weeks ago and none had 07's. I am willing to travel a couple hours for the right price so Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indian and Kentucky are all options. Thanks!

I bought mine at Beechmont Motor Sports (Cincy) but it's been awhile. Few dealers had any but they did.


Heres one in Ohio, but the price is too high for an '06 I wouldnt pay over 5k IMO.......Maybe u can talk'em down

Crap link didnt work. Do an advanced search on cycletrader.com for 2006 wr450f and youll c a few in Ohio........Good Luck !!

I got my 07 wr450 from these guys in june , for 5899 I'd call them and see if they can hook you up.


How far are you willing to drive? I have an 07 in eastern Colorado for 5k

Thanks for the responses I would drive 2-3 hours but not to Colorado. I would rather buy from Clinton County Motorsports since they are an excellent dealership in my opinion. I will contact them and see if there Yamaha rep can track one down and for what price.

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