Acerbis 6.6 questions

so you guys with bigger tanks, say the acerbis 6.6, do you swap out your big tank for the stocker for hard core playing around? that's my plan .... and do you have extra tank mounting hardware for the big tank? ..... and where did you find that? cause if you want to change out tanks and there's gas in them, you gotta turn the tank over to pull off them bits ...... could be messy!

I discovered that this tank will not fit the 03'WR250F using the supplied lower brackets, so I made my own. They seem to be working just fine and everything else fits ok. They look like crap right now, but I'll re fab some in stainless later.

Also the tank doesn't really hold 6.6 gallons? but just shy of that? I got 5.98 in there with a 33 oz MSR fuel bottle put in first. (had to have some gas to get two blocks away to get to the gas station)

fuel lines: the supplied fuel lines are horrible but I used them anyway, for now anyway til I come up with a better plan. Anyone use those motionpro quick disconnects? anyone want to share a few pics of their fuel line routing? still don't have a good plan for this ...... and I'd like to have a quick drain option .... for when I remove the tank and also for serving as a remote gas station .....

ride report coming later ......

After I got it all back together and filled her up I found my float was leaking, took the carb apart and while I was there replaced the leakjet with a #40 but that still didn't take care of the bog, but I did have the carb stop leaking. yeah, i know, the leak jet didn't cure the leaking carb, but it does sound kinda funny/weird ........

When I filled up the tank I marked off it off in gallons. Interesing to see that one gallon can fill up the lower left side, the the second gallon fills up the right side, then the third fills equally ......

with the right side petcock, do you run with that open or closed? and where would reserve kick in?

yesterday afternoon I had my first ride in the dirt with the 6.6 (and rack). I didn't even notice the rack back there, until I swing my leg off the bike, then it hits it sometimes, but the tank I know is there! It's got a very slim feel between the knees, and since I'm short I don't have a problem with hitting my knees on the forward section like I heard some tall riders mention. There is a bit of weight forward now which is noticeable when needing to lift the front wheel and jumping, yup, I was jumping it, some anyway, nothing big, yet anyway. Turns in the soft powderish stuff you can feel the weight move the front tire around a bit and in Hardened mud ruts you really feel it! I'm not sure if I'd put stiffer springs in the front before I went on a long adventure ride fully loaded or not, still going to look into that. My next ride will be up the beach and hit some deep sand, then I'll add the 6 gallon boat tank onto the rack and see how that feels. I have this in mind for when I guide trips up the texas coast where there's no support and the other bikes might be short on range.

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