will FMF muffler help performance?

Got a chance to pick up a used FMF muffler for my 04 450 for $150. Should I expect any performance changes or is it just a bling thing?

Thanks |Bill

It depends on what pipe it is. If it is a factory 4 or factory 4.1, yes it will give you a very nice performance gain. If it is a powercore, it will pretty much perform just like the stock exhaust, but will look better, will be lighter, and won't stick out as far.

It's going on the stock header pipe...cosmetics I dont care about...lighter may be better hanging out there so far...the stock one looks like a bazooka...the guy had it on a WR...maybe it has the US Forest service end cap on it. \anyway going to take a look at it.

Thanks for your reply KJ790

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