Actual 450 weight?

Not sure if this is in the right place but was wondering if any one had actually weighed there bikes to see if the factory specs where close?

Im looking at getting a new 450 and beleive weight is a big factor in choice.

Or does anyone have a link to some accurate information.


Dry weight specs off the mfg sites isn't good enough??? :banghead:

i think he think that they are not accurate enough

They all seem to be about 5 lbs. heavier than the dry weight posted on the site. They all seem to be within a few lbs. from each other also. The misscalculated weight issues I have experienced could be that they are CALI models too.:banghead:

Here is an example, Suzuki RMZ 250f brochure claims 203lbs. but dirt rider scales has it at 217lbs. The same brochure has the 08 rm 250 2-stroke at 215lbs. The fabricate on the one they want to sell the best. Just my opinion. All it takes is one company to lie about the weight and they all will.

My buddy weighed his CRF450X full of oil and with a full tank of fuel and came up with 270lbs.

This came from Motorcycle USA regarding 2005 model comparisons;

"Yamaha went to great pains to shed pounds from its off-road machine; the WR450F weighs in at 266 pounds, wet, while the CRF450X is more portly tipping the scales at a hefty 273 pounds."

"Wet weight" being defined as full of fluids and no fuel.

I have measured my E440 and it's wet weight is 267lbs. And that is with the lights, kickstand, 12oz heavier flywheel, a rad guard, seat strap, exhaust guard, hand guards, the fuel tank mod, stock speedo, heavy duty tubes, Utah Sports skid plate, PMB rear disk guard and stock exhaust.

I hope that helps.

I heard a long time ago the reason the wieghts are always on the light side is for shipping costs. If they can be 5 lbs lighter times 1000's of bikes think of the savings.

The tough part is, how the weight is carried is even more important than just the bike's total weight. My 08 KTM 450XCR-W is heavier on paper than my 04 CRF450R, but it doesn't feel like it on the trail.

I have been looking at manufacturers sites and never seem accurate. I recently downloaded the latest copy of motocrossdigital and they have a 450 shootout and state the different weights in there. I was ineterested as according to manufacturers websites the kawasaki was light as the yamaha and the honda was heavier, however in the shootout the honda and yamaha are the lightest. Just wondered if there was any solid figures out there.

My WR was a pig on the trail, 270, yeah thats about right.

Actual weights right here.

My 2008 KTM 250 SX AFTER I had added my Flex bars but w/ no gas in it weighed an actual 210 # ready to ride.

My 2005 CRF450 (cleaned to like new condition, no dirt at all on it) weighed about 242# w/ a very small amount of fuel in it.

What did I learn? That KTM does not lie about their weigts and all the Japs do.

I also have weighed Jap street bikes and watched them come in 50# heavier than the OEMs claim.

KTM announce all their bike weight with ALL fluids minus Fuel. ALL other manufacturers claimed weight is measured dry . That means without coolant,shock & fork oils and engine oil. Thus KTM is always very close their claimed weight and Jap bikes arent.

I've heard the Japs also weigh them w/o tires, batteries, or fork/ shock springs.

Alot of the weights shown on websites and test reviews dont add up. Some say way heavier some say lighter, kxf for instance on website says summet like 100kg and read one test that says actual weight 106 and another 107 but then honda say there weight is 102 then read tests that say between 106 and 102 just to confusing.

dry weight =no fluids magazine test weight=wet a couple gl. fuel,1 qt oil,1pt brake fluid all add up. a full gas tank adds 15 lbs.

I do understand that with fluids in it will weigh more but it just seems figures used by manufacturers and contrasting testers can come from nowhere, and can be very different.

If weight is a concern, the best way to judge this is to ride a few then you'll know for sure.

I say this because some makes feel much heavier than others.

And I agree with the posts above, they are heavier than the "claimed" of or printed weight.

Good Luck!

The tough part is, how the weight is carried is even more important than just the bike's total weight. My 08 KTM 450XCR-W is heavier on paper than my 04 CRF450R, but it doesn't feel like it on the trail.

Honda is now listing curb weight instead of dry weight. Their website says:


Curb Weight: 238 lbs (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and a full tank of fuel—ready to ride)

I still just assume leave the final say-so to my own scale though. I DO NOT TRUST manufactures' claimed weights.

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