vibrations, vibrations, vibrations

Who palace wall is that in the last video?

I run 15/45 and it's not bad just the seat is still a killer on rides over 50 miles on the road, I allso have Oury Streetbike Grips with the big square blocks, they work very well if you have big hands, you have to call Oury to get them.

i have a set of these grips on my 400ex and love em!!!

Now i know where the word hard enduro is comming from.

But from Honda i really expect more, but its me to blame, because

i bought it without testride and trusted Honda, my mistake!

Will another handlebar eliminate the vibrations in the hands?

if you could get a set of upper triples with rubber bar mounts youd be liking that but im not sure who/if they make em for the R?

Who palace wall is that in the last video?

don't know, some minor royal probably... :banghead:

Here's the palace on google earth 25°10'28.55"N 55°33'45.44"E

Riding area is to the south east

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