crash and burn add on

I was riding with Levy1 that sunday our friend had his terrible crash. We always thought of him as the best rider of the group, and the last to have something like that happen. I drove him to the hosp. in his truck and he didnt even know whose vehicle we were in, or whose bikes were on the truck. I thought he was injured a-lot more than he actually was. Now a week later he seems to be doing great

Glad to hear it. We dont need to loose another one! I went riding at the race track for the 1st time with my WR400. Had some close calls but I never spilled over thank god. It is a major adrenaline rush when your hauling a$$ and you think your about to go down!! Cant wait to go back :)

Are you saying that Leav1 balled it up?

Bonzai :)

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