bent shift shaft

Hey has anyone replaced a shifting shaft in an 06 450? Does this requier spliting the case or will I be able to slid the old one out and a new one back in?

It depends a little on how badly it's bent, but it shouldn't ever require the removal of the engine, or splitting the cases. You'll need to remove the clutch, however. The shaft is intended to be removed by pulling it out from the right side. If it's so badly bent that it won't do that, then you can do a couple of things One is to cut the linkage arm off of the right end of the shaft with a die grinder and push it out the left side. This makes a gritty mess that must be scrupulously cleaned up. The other method is to remove the neutral switch assembly and either cut off the bent portion of the shaft, or if it's bent too close into the case, a skilled welder can heat the shaft and straighten it enough to pull it out. This last method should only be done by one with excellent torch skills and good judgment.

in lieu of the die grinder try using a slow turning air drill with heavy grease

on it and drill the link off.....

Thanks for the imput, I was hoping I wouldn't have to split the cases for a 16.00 part.

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