04' 450 For the street?

Anybody know if the rumor about a dualsport 450 Based on the WR is true? If they make it, I'll buy it. :) It's almost impossible to tag a WR in my state. :D

NOW I am going to dream big dreams and probably drool all over my pillow tonight! :D Life without the DOT... :)

The way I see it, with the constant closing/lack of trails, any manufacturer who DOESN'T come out with a truly lighweight, capable, street-legal on/off road bike will soon have little or no market for non-legal enduros such as the WR. And look how many of them Yamaha has sold!

Look how many of them have been converted. Far better to build a street-legal bike that can be "hot-rodded" or easily made even MORE capable by the owner. Suzuki is meeting with some success at this and has the corner on the market. Yamaha and, IMHO, Cannondale have the better platform. Especially with EFI ('dales). How easy for a private owner to remap an ignition/fuel curve and have his suspension retuned.

I personally have to limit myself to ONE bike (so the two boys can have 4 ?:D). I will not own something I can only ride on a closed course (boy, is THAT term ever taking on a new meaning these days! Emphasis on "CLOSED"!!). I am young enough to get a wild hair and compete in hare scrambles or mx races occasionally, but most of my riding is teaching (learning from?) my sons and short pleasure/errand riding. But I will never again buy a big, heavy pig like my DR650, which is a true sheep in wolf's clothing, and that is being generous!

I grew up in the days where an "enduro" was street legal and dirt capable. They also had less suspension than my kid's 50cc racer does! But they were FUN!! :D

Great post! I hope your rumour mill is in top form on this one!!

I just want to say that I agree completely, and that I heard this rumor from Yamaha U.S.A. in Kennessaw GA, and from a buddy of mine who has dug so deep looking for parts for an old Yamaha 3-wheeler, he's almost had to learn to speak Japanese! :) They say 04'. I guess we'll see huh? :D

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