426 lockup

ok i just put 3 new ss intake valves and a new set of rings in my 01 426. when i got it back together, it started on the third kick. i rode it easy for a few minutes, then stopped and let it idle to check the oil anyway the oil was fine and i rode a few minutes more. i stopped and the bike sat for maybe 15 minutes. i started the bike again on the first kick. i took off a little hard (but not on the rev limiter or anything) and i made it about 75 yards and i thought i stalled it in a turn but when i went to restart it the kick starter was locked up. rolled it back to my shop and it turned backwards fine at the flywheel with no bind or anything, and then i tried the other way at the flywheel and then the kickstarter and it seems fine. i check and rechecked the valve timing and it is still on. so i backed it out and it fired up on the third kick i let it idle a little while and revved it very mildly and all seems fine. does anyone have any ideas or suggestions. could maybe the crank timing gear be worn enough to bind it up. could i have put something back together wrong that could have got in a bind momentarily, i also had the right side cover off and the clutch out to inspect the oil pump thanks for any input

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