Possible carreer change to the Moto industry...

Wow, selling bikes. Since I got out of college I've been in sales and sales management, but mostly in the Bio-Medical sales industry. Needles to say this would be a serious change. I feel like I'm at a point in my life where I need to make a change. I really want to love what I do and I do have a passion for bikes. I want to get up and be excited about going to work. Then why the heck am I so nervous?

Here is my current train of thought;

I would get to go to work and talk to people about my passion. I would finally get paid for helping people buy bikes :). I am talking to a couple dealerships in my area and there a some really nice opportunities. I know there will be a large cut in salary, at least in the near term. The hours are much better than I'm used too. Arrrrgggg...

Nervous in Seattle.

Mr Toyz

Hi Mr_Toys,

My philosophy goes something like this..... "Enjoy what you do today and the money will come tomorrow." I know it may not be an exact science but it has worked for me if that is any consolation.

Follow your dreams my friend, and the reward shall follow.

Good luck and keep the faith,


If you want to fit into the bike salesperson scene, you might consider having a lobotomy, and going to 'bat for the other side' so to speak... you will need to know less about the bike and riding than your customers, and instead of bending over backwards for the customer, you will need to ask them to bend forward while you finalise the deal...

Now of course I am generalising, and it would be a good thing if more people with a passion for bikes were on the sales floor... I always reckoned that sales people should be paid an hour a day to read TT and keep up with the bikes they are trying to sell... wouldn't that be a refreshing change, walking into a dealer and having sensible answers to your questions, rather than a "hey dude, I know, cuz I sell them" attitude...

Rant mode off....

Good luck - there will be opportunities beyond the bike sales for a bright person with some passion and initiative.



I dont want to bum you out or seem too negative but if you really love biking, do NOT get involved in it as a job. I am friends with several guys who loved bikes and/or snowmobiling and were accomplished riders. They bought bike/snowmobile shops and now all they want to do is get away from bikes on the time off. The "fun" in biking quickly disappears when you "have" to do it everyday, not by choice.

LOL. It's funny ou say that Yamadude. I've always been more knowledgable than the sales guy I've been dealing with.

As for not working in a job that is your passion... THEN WHAT THE HELL ARE DREAMS FOR??

Mr Toyz

"The man who works for a living smiles on his way home. The man who lives for his work smiles on his way there." ? :)

I, too, hope to someday find out if that is true. Good luck, Mr_Toyz!

Nothing sells better than enthusiasm. You're already ahead of the game. Good luck!!

If your hobby becomes your job you lose your hobby.

There are good things and bad things with any job. The bad things are what end up destroying your enjoyment of working.

Many years ago I was lucky enough to make my living by riding. For a couple of years it was great and I couldn't believe I was getting paid to do this.

Then I found myself home on weekends not wanting to ride because I was on a bike for the last 4 days. I lost my hobby.

You understand sales and motorcycles. If you do both full time what will you do for fun?

My 2 cents and change.


I would think with your resume. You'd be a shoe in for a job at Yamaha. They are always looking for regional sales managers. Go check out their web site.


If most people do not like the job they do, then why do they speed to work and drive home slow?Work is just the means to support our family and hobbies.

On the other hand I've always went to a bike shop to buy. They didn't have to try and sell it I already wanted it. But it is nice to see people who enjoy making others happy.Good Luck! :)

I have to side with zaknavage. If motorcycles are your passion, don't do it as a job. You have a very good chance of ruining your love of two wheels by having to deal with the 'average joe' out there. Keep in mind that your friends and most folks on TT are not that average. You would not believe how low the common denominator can go. As well, to make quotas you'll be having to sell marine motors and generators and what ever else the shop sells. Unless the job you have is outside the day-to-day sales routine, stay away from it and enjoy your free time how you want to.

I know this from the photography industry where I took my hobby and snagged a job as a shooter. Five years & 7500 rolls of film later, you coudn't get me to pick up my camera unless you were paying me. Ten years later I still have the gear, but the desire still hasn't returned.

Don't let it happen to you.

Thank you all for all of your replys.

I went ahead and took the job. So far so good. I had an incredible first day. I had more fun working today than I ever have had at any previous job...

Sold two bike and $3700 in accessories. They love me... :)

Hey, If I can help any of you guys please let me know. I'm at RMC (Renton Motorsports Co.), Renton, WA. Ask for Joe. We're currently selling Honda, Polaris, Suzuki and Kawasaki. We're adding Yamaha, 3 ski boat lines and a few others in a few months. We'll be the only Dealership in the Northwest to have all of the big 4! Pretty cool!

Anyway, thanks again guys.

Mr Toyz(Joe)

I beg to differ here guys.....Atleast 3 guys I ride and race with on a regular basis are in the Motorcycle sales and service gig....I have to be early in the morning to beat these guys to the track or the woods....It's also pretty cool to have folks that can get parts and tires at a substanital discount.....Can you say 40 bucks for 74 dollar tire anytime you need it....Hmmmmm

If your not doing what you love....You're just puttin in time for the man.... :D

Good Luck Toyz.....Have fun :D

Bonzai :)

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