Replace your Rim Locks

It was a nice day for racing. Had a decent start but somewhere around the first turn the valve stem on my rear tire decided to seperate from the tube. Results: instant flat! Luckily, there is an outfit at the races that (among other things) has a complete tire changing outfit. It took them less than 10 minutes to replace the tube and install a beefier rim lock (the stock rim lock was completely tacoed). When I got back into the fray I was a lap down, but was able to gain a few positions (16th out of ~20).

So ... replace those cheap stock rim locks!

I spun the stock rimlock, replaced it, and spun the quality replacement! Must be the torque, I never had this happen before. Luckily I noticed the angled valve stem before I got a flat. I think I'm going to drill the rear rim for a 2nd rimlock.

I have spun once and replaced the rim lock. I use soap to help get the tire on/off. I now am extra careful and wash the wheel assembly well before infalting. I also apply lighter fluid to the bead prior to inflating, inflate to 50 psi and let the tire sit until the lighter fluid has had a chance to evaporate from the bead. Haven't had a problem since.


are you guys running the nut on the valve stem? If so, take em off!!

I usually keep the nut off the outside of the rim to allow for some play. Regardless, the stock rim lock is crap. When it was removed from the rear tire it was tacoed so bad that the sides were only about an inch from each other. It was clearly defective.

Maybe a good fix would be small sheetmetal screws around the screw tire to wheel. Like speedway. Those bikes shred rimlocks.Drill three holes on each side of rim at opposing spots.

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