I'm buying a new bike and I considering between the Honda XR400 and the Suzuki dr-z250. Do any of you have experience with the drz250? What do you think of it?

I now have an '01 DRZ250 after coming off an XR250 and think this bike has been overlooked. It is slim with great suspension (for me). Power is good enough for what I need.

It's definately not a wheelie bike after 2nd gear, but has plenty of pulling power. Comes with e start and kick and

pumper carb. Has even more potential with a few cheap mods like opening up air box a little, drilling end cap on exhaust (doesn't really make very much louder at all), and

bigger rear sprocket. I have done all these except the rear sprocket plus added narrower and taller bars with bar risers. All in all, this bike has alot of potential, but is not gonna have the full power of the XR400, but then again

it's what kind of power you are looking for. Like they say:

no replacement for displacement. Do a search on this forum and you will find a couple of reviews from others. Shouldn't be hard to find since this forum is kind of new.

The XR400 (just like the 250) is and has been a stone reliable machine, but tend to be a little old technology. I know I am gonna get hounded for saying that too. I swapped bikes for a short period of time last week with someone on a

'02 XR250. Even though the XR was a good bike, it didn't handle near as well and didn't have as good suspenders as the DRZ. The other guy sure didn't complain about the e start either.

I just bought the DR-Z250 yesterday. This really is a nice bike. Very smooth on the power and very friendly to ride. It seems a little weak on power but, then again, I haven't tried it on a trail yet. Just ilegally up and down my street. (very quiet bike!) This is my first time to ride a motorcycle and I was popping wheelie's on day one! So far, very satisfied! :)

pro2k - Congratulations! I'm very jealous... I'm still hanging on for the right moment to buy. Would you mind keeping us updated on your riding experience (i.e., when you hit the trails).

Also, I was wondering - did you buy a new 2003? I was looking for a lightly used 2001 (about $3K). I don't think they've made any changes to the bike, but would certainly appreciate any comments on this point.

I have an 01 DRZ250 and did the modifications as stated in the article and have really been impressed with the improvements. I still have some carb work to do as I do not think I have it jetted correctly for the pipe and airbox mods. My biggest complaint thus far is the flex associated with the front forks as mentioned also in the article. I have not parted with $200 to buy the fork brace though. Overall for the 250 4-stroke class in that price range, I think the Suzuki is definitely the best buy.

I have a XR250 and don't mind the less weight and easy kick. I can pull wheelies from 1st to 3rd easy and I don't have to worrie about a dead battery or a cranky starting bike. Just kick and ride.

I'm really happy with the dr-z250! It is really a great tight trail bike and has great 4-stroke power climbing the hills! What's really funny is watching those kickstart guys trying to start their bikes when all I have to do is push a tiny little button with my thumb and I'm off! :)

Those bottons take the fun out of riding. :) Hope you enjoy the bike from year to year it will last you a long time you made a good choice. :D

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