I'm getting a new bike and I'm considering the XR400 and the suzuki DR-Z250. What do you guys think of these bikes?

I was looking at the xr400 and went with the 650 - glad I did. The price isn't that much different and it only weighs 20 pounds more. Depends what kind of riding your going to do and how much rip you want.


I don't know much about the DRZ250(just what I've read on Suz website, but it seems you are comparing 2 different styles of bikes. Like comparing XR250 to a XR400. I would boil it down to what are you going to ride the most. They're going to be very close but the 250 will be slighty more maneuverable and the 400 will perform better in the wide open stuff. Weight wize they are close Suz 253lbs and the XR 259lbs. If you're really torn make a list of what you want to ride and then a table of the 2 bikes and the plus and minis of each. Sounds real dorky but it works. Also remember that the XR has a nice long history of being simple and rugged. Lots of parts out there for the XR's. Doesn't matter which one, your getting a nice a## bike.

I tried my hardest to be impartial, but I ride red and I love them. I like the fact that I never have to work on it. And I don't know the DRZ on a physical level just from reading about it.

I like my XR400. I know very little about the DRZ-250. Seems like an odd final two choices.

Where do you live? What kind of riding do you plan on doing? What do you expect to do with the bike?

XR's. 250, 400, 600, 650R.

For higer speeds, deep sand, and long steep hills; go with a bigger XR.

For slower speeds and tighter trails, go with a smaller XR.

There are many many hop up items for the XR's.

The XR4!!!

It's AWESOME! It's the perfect "all-around" bike (IMO). The only thing the bike could use is a little more power. But it's a trade off...

I'm sure I'll invest in the 430 or 440 kit sooner or later... but untill then, IT ROCKS!

Good luck!


Have you thought about an XR250? My '02 has plenty of power for tight stuff and enough power for any hill I'm willing to go up. The 240lb dry weight makes it easy to handle. I have never ridden an XR4 or drz250 so I can't it compare to them.

Just my $.02 worth.

The XR4 weighs about 270 ready to ride with about half a tank of gas. It has an incredibly kind power band and is at home scratching its way up trials like trails or at WOT across the flats at near 80 mph.

Big advantages. Very low maintenance requirements, and it won't over heat and blow steam if stuck for a while in a "technical" section. The other advantage that I haven't heard others mention is minimal vibration in the handlebars. Some of the newer high performance 4 strokes have such pronounced vibration in the bars that my hands were trashed after less than an hour. Crash worthiness, with no radiators the likelyhood of being stranded due to a get off is greatly reduced.

XR4 disadvantages: The weight, the weight, the weight, the lack of high-end power as compared to other HP 4 strokes.

DRZ's or any water cooled high performance 4 stroke will have a better power to weight ratio, but all have a greater tendency to overheat (blow steam) when making power at a speed that doesn't provide enough airflow through the radiators. They need to keep moving to be their element.

Which bike you would be happiest with depends on what you are going to with it. I like to ride a lot; my son and I spend from 6 to 10 hours on our XR's every week. Both our XR's are highly modified. Priorities: Suspension, good tires, pumper carb, pipe then engine work. The suspension has saved me from crashing when following my son at speed in his dust and slamming over obstacles that he steered around. Best money I've ever spent. My son's XR 250/300 weighs about 20 pounds less than the XR4 and is a great bike. It is pretty equal in acceleration to the XR4 up to about 50 mph and is much easier to handle in the tight stuff.

Hope this helps a little.


I have to agree with Flynall on most everything he said.

I've been riding my XR400 for less than a year but, I sure do enjoy it. I was riding with a friend who has a CRF450 and, sure enough, on the tight trails, it overheated and was spewing coolant. I had to smile at the "old" technology of the XR.

I like the way Honda thinks...If it aint broke, don't fix it!

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