Any ideas?

After the tire incident (read previous post), the bike ran great until I had a bit of a spill. It was simple wash-out (rut to deep) and the bike and I landed on the left side. The bike was running after the spill but I couldn't pull the clutch in when I picked it up (stick was in the way). After I got the bike up and running it idled like crap. It would run OK for about 6 seconds and then slow down until it shut-off. If I kept the gas-on, it wouldn't stall so it's not a fuel-flow problem, it's an idle problem. Could a wreck change the idle? I don't think so, riding nasty whoops would have the same effect. Any clues?

I know some guys have had a problem with their throttle cable on crashes and in the whoops. Might be worth a checking.

I don't understand how a throttle cable issue would cause the bike to idle so low it kills the engine. If I kept the throttle open it would run fine, it was letting go of the throttle that caused the bike to stall.

Sorry my bad. Just throwing something out there. I saw the words crash and throttle and instantly thought throttle cable due to other posts. Although they had a rev problem not an idle problem like you mention.

So can you adjust the idle and make the bike run fine? Maybe your stepper was jarred and is not acting right now. Or after a few recent posts maybe the throttle body has a problem. Just throwing ideas out there for you.

Good Luck.

It's all good, the more ideas the better.

How do I check to see if the stepper is faulty?

HR had a post on the stepper. I tried to search for it, but couldn't find it. Given the suddeness of you problem I'd say 'something' happened during the fall. Usually electrical problems are more binary, but I wouldn't rule them out. If you just start taking it apart something may show up as looking funny.


my dealer is doing the stepper work under warrenty, you may want to check with them if you trust them to do it right.



Just to eliminate it from the realm of possibility I would check the wiring harness carefully paying close attention to the O2 sensor wire and I would check your stator wiring from the flywheel up (see the SB's for both the o2 sensor and the stator wiring prior to your inspection). If both are OK I would then move to checking all ot he engine sensor connectors starting with the air box temperature sensor.

Process of elimination may be the best method of resolving the problem.


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