Compression/rebound question

Excuse my ignorance on this subject, but if my front forks are near bottoming on small jumps (within 1/2 inch from bottoming), should I add oil or stiffin up the compression clicks (bottom of forks). Also, the compression is on the bottom of the forks, not the top, right? JED

try 2 clicks on the compression. Yes its on the bottom (not a dumb question) also be sure to adjust the rebound (on the top).

they work together. If worse comes to worse I don't know your wieght but the fork springs are a good fix.

just my 2 cents!

thanks for reply....that sounds good. I had it backwards today. Does the number of clicks rebound and compression need to be the same?

Rebound = how fast my shocks recover or bounce back, right?

Compression = how far they go down (compress), right?


your correct. The rule of thumb on the rebound/compression "we" use is 1 click compression to 2 clicks rebound...Use what works best for you,don't be affraid to experiment...Its your bike! :) more question and I've got it.

The rear compression is the clicker on the shock, right?

The rebound is the clicker under the frame, right?

This is opposite of the front if I got this right.

Thanks again...jED

you got it! :) good luck!

Don't forget the shock has 2 compression settings, a high speed and a low speed. I'm amaized by how much difference you get by playing with the clickers. Have fun!

PS-> If this is the first time you've played with your clickers then it wouldn't hurt to turn them in and find out how many clicks they were set to. That way you can 1) Make sure your forks are set the same, and 2) have your previous settings in case you want to revert back to your old settings. Just remember that when you turn them in all the way, only do it LIGHTLY. :)

Got it. Thanks again. JED

Darnit, I made an error. Must have been too early in the morning. There are 2 COMPRESSION adjusters, high and low speed compression. I had word fumbles, sorry about that.

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